1. Lavender essential oil
I have used Young Living oils for about three years now. I wasn't very active in the beginning, buying peppermint oil on ocassion, just because I liked the taste of it. Then one day I was reading the latest copy of Essential Edge and read about a gal who had a daughter that always got ear infections...so she tried Lavender oil and the ear infections went away. So I decided to try Lavender for my daughter. Since she has been 18 months old, we had to take her to the doctor for one ear infection after another. Nothing would clear them up. Tubes were finally put in when she was about 3 and then again when she was 4 1/2 to 5. (they also removed her adnoids during the last surgery). She would still get sick, but her ears didn't hurt as much.....they just oozed with infectious crap. And then after sleeping all night, she would wake up in the morning with so much phglem and crap in the back of her throat that she would cough and cough until she would vomit.

During the winter months this was a morning ritual! And as a result of all of the ear troubles and the two sets of tubes, she was left with 'permanent' hearing loss. The specialist didn't want to do another surgery until we got all of her 'crap' cleared up, and it never cleared up! So he wanted us to give our daughter, 6 at this time, Sudafed for 6 to 8 months....daily.....4 times a day. Then, if that cleared her up, he would consider doing the surgery that would be needed to regain her hearing. This is when I read about the Lavender and thought....Sudafed is bad for adults and I don't really want to have to give it to her for 8 MONTHS, so what have I got to lose?

Well, I started using Lavender on my daughter, putting it on her feet and on her ears every night. I started that in June of 2002. And every year shortly after the school year would start, our local AEA did a hearing screening of all the kids in school. The AEA knew us very well, they had been screening my daughter's hearing every three months since she had been in preschool. And every time they screened her, a letter would come home stating that she had a 25% to 50% loss in her left ear and a 50% to 75% loss in her right. We would communicate regularly about what the doctors were saying and what the latest plan of action was. The loss was afffecting her experience at school...she couldn't hear!! And she was falling behind. Anyway, when she started school that fall of 2002, the AEA did their screening and we recieved a letter again, this time with a big old smily face on the front of it. It said, 'Your daughter's hearing is back to normal!! Yeah!! What did the doctors finally do this time?' Now, we had done nothing!! No sudafed, no surgery, nothing but use the Lavender oil. How amazing! Chey is now in 3rd grade and to date her ears are super! Her hearing is superb, although she does occasionally get a case of the selective type :-)

We have no more ear infections, no more 'crap' oozing out, no more coughing in the morning. In fact, we visit the doctor two times a year, just to have our well checks and boy are we ever well! I just could never thank Dr. Gary Young enough for making such a wonderful line of products. I could never put into words how these oils have literally CHANGED our lives!! To see your children suffer is so painful, especially when there is nothing you can do to help them. And that is how my husband and I felt. Many nights were spent in tears because we thought we were doing everything we could to help our child, and it wasn't working. AND THEN.....SHE COULD HEAR!! IT'S PRICELESS!!
- Wendy Ross
2. Essential oil and Super Cal
An X-ray showed I had broken my 5th metatarsal bone and was told I would have to have it pinned. I came home, iced it, used Panaway, wintergreen, balsam fir and Super Cal. Two weeks later I had it X-rayed again. They X-rayed it twice. It was healed. If we would of had BLM I would have used it too.
- Delores Ludwick
3. Sulfurzyme
I suffered with Fibromyalgia for 5 years. I could not lift my grandchildren, clean my home, the vacuum was the enemy, take long trips driving, sleep at night, shopping was a nightmare, the pain was crippling. The doctor put me on Celebrex, which helped some. On a scale of 1 to 10 my pain became a 6 or 7. Then a study revealed that Celebrex was damaging the kidneys, liver and bladder. I did not want to give it up as it helped some.

In October 2002 I attended a Young Living informational meeting, where a woman I knew to be an upstanding person in the community, and also suffered with Fibromyalgia, was hugging a bottle of Sulfurzyme, saying 'I will never, ever be without my Sulfurzyme again.' I ordered a bottle right then. After taking it for 1 week I stopped taking Celebrex, after 2 weeks 80% of my pain was gone! I now am able to toss my grandchildren around, clean my home, take long trips, enjoy shopping, sleep better, I even do windows :) After 1 year I began taking both BLM and Sulfurzyme daily. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain is now a 1!

I thank God, Gary Young and Young Living Products for changing my life!
-Bonnie Branch
4. Frankincense and Lavender essential oils
I don't know if this would help anyone else or not, but I had an extremely fast growing large mole show up on my shoulder blade. I live in a remote area and do not have access to medical help in a timely manner.

I do have a good selection of essential oils. I put a drop of Frankincense and a drop of Lavender, neat, on a bandaid and put over the mole. I changed this about every 3 days and within 10 days the mole had dried up and fell off without leaving a sign of ever having been there. It has not returned and it's been 3 years now.
- Rosalyn Stowell
5. Lavender essential oil
My daughter-in-law suffered from fibrocystic breast disease for several years, needing semi-annual mammograms at one of our local hospitals. She started using Young Living lavender oil, massaging on a few drops over the 20 plus cysts for a few months. On the next visit she was called into her doctor's office and told there was no sign of even one cyst that had been present 6 months before.
- Sheila Bates
6. Essential oils and supplements enhanced with essential oils
In August of 2002 I was diagnosed with Glaucoma. I was started on eye drops right away. I continued to use these but also was introduced to Young Living products at this time. I started using Super C, Super B and for good measure, Master Formula Hers. I also started using the second recipe for glaucoma found in the Essential Oils Desk Reference, consisting of Lemon, Cypress and Eucalyptus radiata.

I used the oils as directed two and sometimes three times a day. The books I bought on glaucoma and all information I looked at on the internet mentioned that although it could be stopped progessing with treatment, any damage already done was irreversable. Nevertheless I prayed for healing.

Ten months to the day that I had been told I had glaucoma my doctor told me I no longer had it. The charts I asked for and received from my doctor showed the proof that I had indeed been granted a miracle.
- Sheila Bates
7. Essential oils
We have been using Young Living Essential Oils for awhile now and have had some pretty nice experiences, but the latest one is by far the most exciting. My husband Mark came home looking like he'd had a stroke. His facial muscles on one side of his face were paralyzed. Everything on that side of his face drooped and his speech was impaired so I couldn't understand anything he said. He also couldn't drink without dribbling. Thankfully, it wasn't a stroke but it turned out to be Bells Palsy.

After learning that it can take weeks or months to get the facial muscles back to normal I said, "No way! We have oils that will do the job in no time." I looked up Bells Palsy in "Embraced by the Essence." It said that it is thought to be a virus that attacks the facial nerves. We used Thieves to kill the virus. We also did Raindrop Technique. Then we used nerve-regenerating oils to help the damaged nerves  Frankincense, Peppermint, and Geranium. Within days he was completely recovered. There is no evidence that there was ever a problem.
- Melodie Kantner
8. Lavender essential oil
There were 3 of us women sharing a hotel room for a 4-day seminar. The one who took the fold-up bed slept like a log, while the other 2 of us were kept awake all night by her snoring. In the morning, my friend asked 'Darla' if she was aware that she snored. She said yes, she had forgotten to tell us, and apologized that there was nothing that could be done. My friend said, 'You won't snore tonight,' and gave her lavender on a cotton swab right before bedtime, with instructions to apply it inside her nostrils. It worked! We ALL were able to sleep soundly the remaining nights. We've heard from her since then; her husband is very happy she is using Lavender every night, with the same success.
- Gloria Miller
9. Essential oils
I had a surgery about 1.5 years ago which left me with a nice big 8 inch dark purple scar. I faithfully applied twice-daily for about 3 months the following oils: Frankincense, Heilchrysum, Gentle Baby, Lavender, Melrose, and Hyssop directly on the scar. Wouldn't you know I have absolutely no scar left what so ever! Not even a trace. At that time I did not know about Sulfurzyme but had I, I would have been taking that too. Thank you Gary Young and for all of your steadfastness and most of all your honesty and impeccable integrity. And thank God for all of us that are spreading the knowledge and wisdom that we have learned to all of our friends, families, and clients. There is a way to help heal the people of our planet and it is called YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS!
- Julie Chertow
10. Brain Power and Clarity essential oil blends
My name is Carmel Volino and I am writing to tell any mother out there in regards to children in school. I have been using brain power and clarity on my 7 year old daughter for the past year now and the quality of her work has improved dramatically. Keeping her focused in school and self esteem up, these oils we found to be very helpful. Her concentration skills are so much better. It pays off when she sees test grades are skyrocketing!! What a great feeling it is to know she is not daydreaming and that she is able to take it all in.
- Carmel Volino
11. Lavender essential oil
In the last several years I've had many health problems and amongst them are migranes caused by tension and allergies. My husband was looking into essential oils for ideas on ways of helping me and convinced me to give them a try. I was using the lavender for insomnia only at first. One evening, just before bed, I put some lavender on my temples as usual so as to help me relax. I especially needed the relaxation since I had a migraine. About 5 minutes later I realized that my migraine was completely gone! Since that wonderful discovery I've learned to put lavender on the area on head pain immediately and the headache is always gone in 5 to 10 minutes. It's been a godsend!!
- Mary Krupa
12. Essential oils
I used to be plagued with sinus infections which often lead to bronchitis and laryngitis. After I was introduced to the oils 5 years ago, I have not had to use antibiotics for sinus infections anymore. I use Theives, Oregano, and Melrose. I put a few drops of each in a glass, mix it with a little water and drink it. I do this about 3 to 4 times a day when I start feeling a cold coming on or scratchy throat. I also use the Thieves lozengers during the day. Actually, our whole family does the same regime. We have been much healthier.
- Lisa Gauwitz
13. Lavender essential oil
I had such an amazing experience with my lavender yesterday that I thought I'd share. I confess that I've never seen anything work so fast. So here's my story.

My six year old daughter was outside playing with the boy next door when she accidentally hit him in the eye with a whiffle bat! I checked my desk reference and all I had from the list was Lavender. When I got back to the kids, Jacob's eye was swelling shut. It was an angry red and I was sure it would be black and purple. You could actually see the outline of that darned bat! I asked him if he'd let me put the lavender around his eye. He said he was fine and didn't want it. I asked him if he'd prefer his mom to put it on and he agreed. She gently rubbed just one or two drops (neat) underneath the eye and we put the icepack back on it to reduce swelling.

After only five minutes, we checked the eye and the swelling was going down. Ten minutes later, you could barely see where he'd been hit. Not only was the swelling down but the red mark was completely gone. Today, you can't tell that this big kid got beat up by my little girl. :-) He is very grateful for the lavender and his mom was totally amazed. My husband later told me that that was my best magic trick yet. :-) Needless to say, I'm pretty impressed with myself and of course Young Living oils. Nothing beats 'em.
- Melissa Palmer
14. Lavender essential oil
Our son had acne quite extensively all over his face and neck, as well as a lot of scarring. He applied Lavender neat, twice a day on his face and even the scars cleared up, leaving his face looking great. He wasn't worried about his neck, and you can see exactly how far he went with the Lavender.
- Jane Junker
15. Thieves and Purification essential oil blends
Well, the cold and flu season is upon us and I woke up with the beginnings of a head cold this morning. Lots of sinus congestion. I had sinus pain and was not feeling well at all. I took three gel caps today, each filled with 13 drops of Thieves oil. I took them each 3 hours apart. I swabbed the inside of my nose with Purification twice. When I got home this evening, there was no trace of illness, whatsoever. This is amazing to me because the normal progression of a head cold for me would have begun as it did this morning, then moved down into my lungs and I would have felt lousy for a good two weeks. Not this time. By the way, when I began using Thieves this way, I started out with 3 drops in a gel cap, and worked my way up to the 13 drops whenever I felt like I was coming down with a cold. It always sat well in my stomach, and now I can use 13 drops in a capsule. Always work your way up slowly! Hope this helps.
- Alisa Homann
16. Lavender essential oil
My 2 year old grandson developed what looked like bites here and there while on a Thanksgiving vacation with his parents and little brother. By the time they came home the one 'bite' at his diaper edge had become a headless boil. The pediatrician wanted to do surgery to remove it. Instead, at bedtime his dad put lavender oil diluted with virgin olive oil on the boil and then rubbed the toddler's feet with the oil that remained on his hands. The next morning the boil was drained. That night his dad again put the diluted lavender on the boil and the feet. The next day when the Mom took the toddler back to the doctor the boil was all healed and the doctor was completely amazed. Needless to say the toddler slept very peacefully with the lavender oil and no pain. Using the Young Living Essential Oils is a beautiful and gentle alternative to the drastic efforts of the medical community to 'FIX' something. Gentle solutions are my first choice.
- Mir-Yam Shifra
17. Lavender essential oil
Almost a week ago my right foot got tangled in the strap to my purse and down I went! Having my right hand in the other strap I had no way of 'catching' myself so I hit HARD! My face was heading towards the door jam and not wanting to break my glasses I turned quickly so as to hit the whole right side of my face and neck into the wood. My left hand instinctively tried breaking the fall but just bent my fingers back. As I lay there dumbfounded and just plain numb I watched the fingers on my left hand swell up and turn black and blue and I couldn't bend them, at the same time I was growing a knot on my right wrist.

After realizing I wasn't going to pass out I got up and literally dumped lavender oil into my hands and splashed it on the swelling bruises and open sores on my face. Almost immediately I could bend my fingers! It was amazing to watch the knot on my wrist disappear! Even the swelling on my face went down, all within minutes!! Since I didn't 'pass out' and I was now capable of driving I decided to proceed with my plans and went shopping!!
- Denese Swinehart
18. Raindrop Technique
I am new to Young Living. I immediately became interested in the Raindrop Technique. I ordered the kit, along with the video, and I was very impressed with how easy it is to follow along and peform the technique while the video is running. I first gave my daughter the Raindrop Technique, then my 2 year old granddaughter, my sister, my 87 year old mother, and then a family friend. All the above very much enjoyed the relaxation of the Technique, but the family friend, well, that is why I am writing this. You see, she was in a car accident about 8 years ago, and crushed her right foot. She has 'railroad tracks', as she calls them (staple marks) across the top of her foot where they reconstructed her foot. Since that time, she has not been able to move her foot in an up and down movement or side to side, and even the slightest touch sent her screaming in agony according to her husband. After I performed the Raindrop Technique on her feet (yes, she allowed me to touch her right foot after I did her left foot) and back, she sat up....and in amazement she moved her foot up, down, side to side, and even around in a circle! She couldn't believe it! She had no pain in her foot! Her husband, and 2 children were equally amazed and very happy for her. Her husband, who has never had a massage, now wants me to perform the Raindrop Technique on him! I talked to our friend a couple of nights ago, and she still has no pain in her foot! It has been almost 2 weeks since she had the Raindrop!
- Marcia Durham
19. Essential oils
I have a funny, but very neat story to share about my husband. He has had a large bump on the back of his hand for over a year now. It has been hard to the touch, changes size occasionally, and sometimes even hurts. Since he has an extreme aversion to doctors, he's refused to even have it looked at.

Well, I pulled my essential oils desk reference out a few weeks ago when he mentioned it hurting again, and we tried the Thyme/Oregano protocol for only a few days. I think it was the strong scent of these two powerful oils that made it difficult for him (and me) to sleep, so he stopped using them.

Today, he showed me his wrist and my jaw dropped. The bump is almost gone! Three weeks ago, it was the size of a large olive. Now it's the size of a green pea! Evidently, he felt the oils 'calling to him,' lol. He's been putting a drop of peppermint, Thieves blend, oregano, and Idaho balsam fir in a 16 oz. glass of water, and drinking it every night before bed. He says he's been doing this for about a week. I had no idea! I asked him why he used the Idaho balsam fir and his response was 'I like the smell of it.' Go figure!

While grinning from ear to ear over his sneakiness in using the oils in secret, I'm still amazed at the reduction in this bump. I've never seen anything like this. I'm only mad that I didn't take 'before' pictures.

9/14/06 UPDATE:

After receiving a question about my testimonial, I asked my husband if his 'bump' was gone or if it was still around. He had to THINK about which hand it was on because it is completely gone. He can't feel ANY kind of bump under the skin.
- Melissa Palmer
20. Frankincense essential oil
A friend of mine was having difficulty walking and when I asked what was up, she stated that she was told by her doctor that she had a cyst on her toe and it bothered her to walk. To make a long story short, I gave her some Frankincense to apply daily to the tiny lump. When she returned to her doctor's to get the final OK before heading to surgery -- they couldn't find it anymore :)
- Jan Doerr
21. Lavender essential oil
Maya, my 3 year old granddaughter and two classmates contracted pink eye. My daughter put a scant amount of Young Living's lavender oil on her finger tip and ran it across the eyebrow of the infected eye of Maya when she came home from school and again before bedtime. Maya awoke without pink eye or it's symptoms.
- Sharon Eaton
22. Peppermint and Lavender essential oils
I have several friends with children who have allergies/asthma that come and visit my farm. Normally after 15 minutes in my barn, and around my animals, they come out with swollen eyes, stuffy noses, red faces, and going to 'Mom' for Benadryl, or inhalers, or what have you.

I got rather frustrated so made a rule that if these children wanted to be in my barn, they had to use two oils before entering! First I had them put Lavender on the palm of one hand, rub their hands together, and then wipe their hands on their faces, necks, and arms, and anything not covered. I had them do the same with Peppermint, but only had them inhale this from cupped hands over their noses, but not wiping it on themselves.

Now these kids can spend hours in the barn with no ill effects - no runny noses, no swollen eyes, ect. I was amazed and delighted because now they can spend time with the animals which they love.
- Pat Tukey
23. Lavender essential oil
My husband puts the volume on the TV so loud, that it disturbs me, although I am two rooms away. I read someone's testimony that her daughter's hearing improved using the Lavender Oil. so I started applying the Lavender Oil behind my husband's ears, on the skull, not the ear, and within three days he started keeping the volume so low on the TV, that I have to go in to make sure the TV is on and that he didn't just fall asleep. Incredible. Wonderful.
- Lynne Marshall
24. Oregano essential oil
I was new to the oils, and under the experience of my distributor we went through the Essential Oils Desk Reference to see which oils would work and which oils I had. Oregano was one that my body said yes to. So I emptied a vitamin capsule that I had at home, and put 15 drops of oregano oil in it. I swallowed it and about 20 minutes later I had this amazingly warm feeling in my bladder and within one hour the symptoms were gone. I chose to take the oregano 3 more times, once later the same day and then 2 times the next day, and the bladder infection did not return. It was fantastic!!!
- Laurie Laursen
25. Endoflex essential oil blend
I have had very irregular cycles. I skipped months and sometimes they lasted for months at a time. At one point I had to have a blood transfusion because of lack of blood and anemia (3 years ago). This year it began again (the crazy cycles) and I was getting a little nervous because my cycle had been on a month. I used Endoflex on my thyroid and on my ovaries. Within a week the cycle stopped. The next month I had a regular cycle. I use Endoflex now during my cycles for maintenance.
- Yinka Stuckey
26. RC essential oil blend
When my son was 16 months old, he was diagnosed with asthma after three trips to the ER in less than two months. We had just started using Young Living oils, and we decided to try RC oil. We put a few drops on our hands and rubbed them on his 'blankie'. We then rubbed our hands on his chest. We did this at night and once or twice during the day. Literally within two days we took him off all of his steroids and inhaled medication. Over the next six months he had a few episodes where he started to wheeze, but we immediately brought out the RC oil and we could stop the symptoms immediately. He is now 7 and has not had any symptoms.
- Rob Hovey
27. Ningxia Red, Raindrop Technique and BLM
My mother went to Health Pass, a service provided by her medical insurance where they check various things. Well, she was told that she grew an inch this past year. How could that happen? Perhaps because she has been getting raindrop every few weeks, last one was a month ago. Also, her bone density has increased, much to the astonishment of her rheumatologist. Her back does not seem as bent as before. Her protocol has been: 1 'jigger' of Ningxia Red Juice mixed with the same amount of water and a scoop of BLM powder. Her kidneys have also been improving. At least she is no longer shrinking as she was been doing in previous years. Yeah!
- Jean Funada
28. Lavender essential oil
I introduced the oils to a friend who has suffered depression since being widowed a couple of years ago. She had been on Paxil since then and not sleeping well. She told me that since she has started diffusing Lavender - both daily and at night before going to bed - that she has been able to get off of the Paxil totally and has been sleeping well.
- Bonnie Andresen
29. Ningxia Red
A friend reported that she came down with a urinary infection in the middle of the night. Usually she would reach for cranberry juice, but had none. She had Ningxia Red in the refrigerator so, in desperation, she drank several big swigs of it. To her amazement, in about 20 minutes the symptoms calmed down. That night she drank the rest of the bottle of Ningxia Red. She kept thinking the symptoms would come back, but by morning the urinary infection was totally gone. She called me, desperate to replenish her Ningxia Red supply and said she won't be without it in the house again.
- Bonnie Andresen
30. Trauma Life and Peace and Calming essential oil blends
My daughter and son-in-law adopted a 3 year old boy who had been the victim of abuse in his early life. His mother and father were both addicted to drugs and his mother left him at a very young age. He and his father lived in a car and the father was very abusive. Social services took him away and he was with a foster family until the adoption. He became very stressed and cried easily when voices were raised or he was corrected for anything. He was hyperactive and couldn't sit still. He is now 7 and the stress was getting to everybody. I got my daughter a bottle of Trauma Life and Peace and Calming and told her to put them on him at night. They also put the Peace and Calming on the other 3 children so they wouldn't feel left out.

A week later I called her to see if they were using the oils and she said her husband was putting them on the kids at bedtime. I asked if she noticed any difference and she hesitated a minute and realized that the little boy was calmer and if he was corrected he'd just say 'ok mommy' and go on instead of falling to pieces. It has been 5 months since they started using the oil and now he puts the oils on himself at night. He is now enjoying the childhood every child should have. I just love the oils and the great benefits they have both physically and mentally.
- Linda Wilmer
31. JuvaFlex essential oil blend
I was diagnosed with hepato-pulmonary syndrome. I was on oxygen 24/7! (My lungs were being affected because of cirrhosis of my liver) I spoke with the only known specialist worldwide for this condition at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He told me I would be on oxygen for the rest of my life. I started cleansing my liver and putting JuvaFlex directly on my liver and my liver foot reflexology point. Within two weeks I was off the oxygen! This was Jan. '05 and I am still great! I don't use the oil every day anymore but I still use it for back-up...just in case. The oils work sooo well. I thank The Lord & Gary Young for this wonderful oil and Young Living!!
- Julie Banks
32. Aroma Life essential oil blend
I had been experiencing a fast heart rate in the 90's and 100's even at rest. I tried Aroma Life essential oil blend on my feet once daily, two drops to each foot. I also applied it to the base of my ring fingers on each hand and over my heart. I chose this blend because it was supportive for cardiac health. My heart rate is now primarily in the high 60's to high 70's even after moderate exercise.
- Jude Ker
33. Lavender and Melrose essential oils
Lauren, our youngest child, was diagnosed with eczema, poor thing she had it everywhere! Fortunately, a combination of Lavender and Melrose did the trick and she is eczema free today.
- Nicole Hutnik
34. Frankincense essential oil
In my chiropractic practice, I have used Frankincense for warts and skin keratoses. A ten year old girl showed me a wart on the heel of her hand that was raised and approximately a quarter of an inch in diameter. We applied one drop of Frankincense. When she came in the office a week later, the wart had turned black. We applied another drop of Frankincense and when she returned the next week, the wart was gone. Another little boy showed me a small plantar wart on the ball of his left foot. We applied a drop of Frankincense and when he came in several weeks later, the wart had disappeared. Many essential oils have antimicrobial properties and warts are thought to be caused by a virus.

I had a small, rough patch on my chest that looked like a keratosis and possibly a precancerous lesion. After several applications of Frankincense, it disappeared and has not returned. Research has demonstrated the skin healing properties of Frankincese. Reportedly, it has the ability to heal damaged DNA.
- Dr. Lisa Moore
35. Lemongrass essential oil
I come from a long line of hereditary Varicose Vein disease and at age 33 was already displaying the infamous exaggerated 'road map' blue cords all over my legs. Not only were they unsightly and embarrassing for me, but also having the veins is painful and causes leg fatigue.

Fortunately I came across all the uses of Lemongrass in the Essential Oils Desk Reference book and decided to give it a shot. At first I applied the oil directly to my legs, which caused slight irritation and redness. Now I dilute 1 part Lemongrass with 4 parts organic olive oil or grapeseed oil. Within minutes my legs are invigorated and the dull, achy vein pain disappears! Even better, after a couple of months of applying diluted Lemongrass directly to my legs once or twice a week, the actual veins have diminished and are but a fraction of the sight that they used to be. I am no longer embarrassed to wear shorts!
- Miriam Lorenzi
36. Ningxia Red
A year ago my husband went to the VA for an eye exam, he was told he had cataracts and they would let them grow till this year. He went two months ago. The doctor told him to continue doing whatever he was doing, because the cataracts were gone! He is drinking Ningxia Red, 2 ounces every day! We have not changed anything in his diet.
- Sandra Steelman
37. Fennel essential oil
My brother ordered dill, coriander, and fennel for his high blood sugar. As an experiment the other day, I had him check his level. It was 360 and he seemed nonchalant about it. I questioned his lack of concern. He told me that no matter what he does, regardless of diet, exercise, meds, etc., it seems to stay near that number, constantly. So I put a drop of fennel on his finger and told him to put it on his tongue. Then in ten minutes he took another reading. It dropped by 16 points. Then in another 10 min. he checked it again, and it dropped a total of 20 points. Then we waited for another 20-25 minutes and checked again. In a matter of 40 minutes total, it had dropped by over 100 pts!
- Marsha Camblin
38. Ningxia Red and Super Cal
My 58 year old mother had a bone density test which revealed decreased bone mass. She started taking Ningixa Red and Super Cal and had been on these supplements about 6 months before a second scan was performed. The results of the bone density scan revealed no bone loss at all. In fact, her doctor told her she had the bones of a 30 year old.
- Norman Nail
39. PanAway essential oil blend
I was in my early twenties when I experienced a herniated disk in my lower back. The disk would slip in and out of place, pinching the nerves to my legs causing them to work off and on. Trips to the chiropractor and a tightly worn back brace kept me walking. I had to be very careful of the movements I made bending up and down. No riding a bike.

Then I tried PanAway in an Essential 7 kit I had purchased. A few drops on the bottom of my feet and a drop on location brought instant relief of pain and I could feel a decrease of inflamation. I used a drop a day on location for three months. Durning this time my spine (on its own while I was walking) would gently pop and make small adjustments after application of the oil. At the end of the three months my back no longer had any problems. I no longer need to limit my activities. My back has been strong for ten years now thanks to Young Living.
- Deborah Ranada
40. Thieves spray
My husband has had to use antifungal spray for years for athletes feet. About 6 months ago he started using Thieves spray on his feet. No more athletes feet! No more chemically based antifungal sprays. And he smells great!!!
- Marilyn Kinman
41. Essential oils and Supplements enhanced with essential oils
In 1985 I was diagnosed with a heart murmur (Mitral Valve Prolapse). For years I have had off and on symptoms of skipped heartbeats, fast heart rate, anxiety, depression, shortness of breath, chest pain, etc. When under stress the symptoms seemed to get worse.

Last year I was at my lowest point with many symptoms and severe depression. I talked to a friend who was currently using the oils for herself and told me to give them a try.

I started with Aroma Life over my heart to help with the skipped beats and heart rate. I put Valor on my feet at night and diffused it during the day to help with my anxiety. Spearmint oil to help with my appetite since I had none because of the depression. Aroma Siez on my back and chest for pain and it also helped with my shortness of breath (possibly muscle related). A drop of Joy oil on my wrists a couple of times a day helped greatly with my depression. I also added Sulfurzyme, Super B, Super C plus MegaCal.

A month after I started with the oils my doctor ordered an echocardiagram to see how bad my heart valve had progressed and my test results came back as a normal heart (no valve regurgitation). That was a couple of weeks before Christmas and it was the best present I could of ever gotten.

A year later I am doing great and still on my oils and supplements. I just love them and would never be without them.
- Anne Totke
42. Wintergreen and Purification essential oils
I was completely deaf in the low frequency range in my right ear since childhood. The doctors said this was incurable. By using wintergreen oil and the purification oil blend, my hearing is restored by 95%. What a blessing to be able to hear low frequency sound like a normal person.
- Isabelle Baillie
43. Trauma Life, Hope and Joy essential oil blends
A client, a psychiatric nurse called about a teenage girl who she had been 'watching' for about 21-22 days regarding a suicide watch. There was great concern for her wellbeing. The girl was her niece. They had been unable to break the depression.

I went to their house. The girl was pasty white, and listless. I asked her if we could put a couple of oils on her. She agreed. I asked her to smell TRAUMA LIFE. Next I asked her to smell HOPE and put it on her third eye (pituitary gland area) and heart. Then I asked her to put JOY on her heart.

In two to three minutes color started to return to her face. Then her mouth opened. What came out sounded like a long shore man who had an eighteen wheeler drive over his foot. After about five minutes of 'fury', the ranting stopped, and she calmed down.

Her aunt bought her HOPE oil. I saw her 6 months later and she said she had been fine since our session. She still carried HOPE with her, but did not expect to ever have to use it. The suppression/depression was gone.
- Christine Carleton
44. Ningxia Red and Essential oils
I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in May of 2004. At that time I had all symptoms of MS one can imagine: weakness, stiffness, blurred vision, double vision, troubles with walking, tingling, problems with keeping balance, and so on. I started to take betaseron, but the relapses were occurring frequently (aprox, 3-4 month intervals). Then I look initiative into my own hands. I started to take essential oils. I inhale a mixture of 4 oils: Helichrysum, peppermint, Rosemary and basil. Additionally, I drink one ounce of Ningxia Red daily. Believe me or not, MS for me is history right now. I started to live again.
- Wes Piontczal
45. Ningxia Red
Getting polio at age 5, post-polio had crept upon me 5 years ago. I needed a cane to walk with, was losing all muscle tone, and didn't have energy and stamina. Had major surgery last year for PAD. My sister introduced me to Ningxia Red. After a couple of days I noticed a tremendous difference. Now, having been on the nutrition drink for 3 weeks I am able to walk without my cane, arise from the floor with my legs instead of needing the assistance of a cane to push me up from the floor and the pain that was returning in my legs has subsided. I have energy galore, a better attitude and outlook on life. I feel, look and act younger. I am a true believer of the Ningxia Red because I say to friends and family 'look at me now'. Everyone is truly amazed and happy at what they see.
- Patricia Helfer
46. Prenolone Plus
My son was diagnosed with gynocomastia and we were told that plastic surgery was the only option. He has been applying Prenolone Plus cream from Young Living and his breasts have shrunk by half. No surgery will be needed.
- Beverly Carter
47. Ningxia Red and Valor and Peace & Calming essential oil blends
My 11 year old son has had a problem with bedwetting all his life. We have found that if he drinks 2 oz. of Ningxia Red during the day and applies Peace and Calming and Valor on his feet at night then he has no accidents.
- Beverly Carter
48. Essential oils
About a year ago when I was 60 I broke my wrist (first time ever with a broken bone). From the beginning, and including just before casting, I began to douse the area with therapeutic grade essential oils like helichrysum and wintergreen for pain and lemongrass for circulation, plus a sample I had gotten from a friend of a new oil from Ecuador called Palo Santo we'd heard was excellent for bone healing.

I dripped all these oils down the cast every day, and in only three weeks, the cast came off. I never had any itching or odor or pain, and my skin stayed in great condition. The doctor wasn't convinced of the oils connection, but his assistant said she had never seen such a quick wrist heal - especially in a 60 year old woman!

I also had a small ganglion cyst on that same wrist, plus a little arthritis, plus a 'trigger thumb' (repetitive motion condition) - all of which were also gone when the cast came off and have not returned!

Over time of using the oils on my wrists and ankles, and taking internally (therapeutic grade oils only), I am pleased to say I have no problems with arthritis anywhere.
- Dale Vincur
49. Essential oils
Surgical scars
I created a blend of oils for my clients in similar situations. It is:

Grapefruit (20 drops),
Orange (10 drops),
Rosemary (2 drops) in
1 oz. of carrier oil.

I have them rub it on the scar and out about an inch in all
directions. My clients have had very good results using the oil 2 or
3 times per day. It usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks to really see a
difference, however, if it takes longer don't give up. I have seen
clients with nasty C-section scars who now have to really search to
find them.
50. Essential oils and supplements enhanced with essential oils
My husband does heavy physical labor in his job and suffered a tear in his abdominal wall in the groin area not too long ago. Here is what we did:

Prepared the Muscle Regeneration Formula of the Essential Oils Desk Reference and applied twice daily to the affected area. Supported healing with 6 BLM divided into two daily doses, 3 AM and 3 PM. Applied ice to the area twice daily after oils had been applied for 30 minutes, both AM and PM. Compression garment from sports store was worn around the clock.

Following this regimen, the tear healed completely in just a few weeks (approximately 3) and has remained healed. He worked a full schedule the entire time. He still takes the BLM and we have added Master His and 6 ounces of Ningxia Red daily, plus he still wears the compression garment at least twice a week or whenever he knows he is going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting or straining. 
- Kathie
51. Thieves and Peppermint essential oils, Ningxia Red and /Super Cal
A friend of mine had cholesterol level that was 200 and now it is one hundred. He used the Thieves essential oil 2-3 drops, 3 times a day and Peppermint essential oil 2-3 drops, 3 times a day. He added Ningxia Red and Super Cal also. He was not diluting them. He put a couple drops under his tongue and slowly swallowed them, he drinks lots of water too
- Ayse
52. Lavender essential oil
Two years ago I was diagnosed with significant hearing loss for which I was told by physicians could not be restored. After using Young Living lavender around my ear and on a cotton ball in the ear several times a day my hearing began to come back in 3 days and was completely restored in 3 weeks. I am now fully hearing.
- Carrie Donegan

53. Raven essential oil blend
A new friend who is a welder complained that a side effect of the job was having severe asthma for the past 11 years which included a constant hacking cough. I gave him a sample of Raven to see if it would give him some relief. At the time he was using an inhaler multiple times per day and nebulizer treatments at least once per day but still suffered symptoms.

From the moment he started inhaling Raven he has not used any medication since. After 5 days of use it was time for his annual physical and his chest x-rays showed 'slight' asthma, not severe.

To start he used Raven about once an hour, his coughing was immediately greatly reduced and his breathing improved. After about a month of use he was down to 3 times a day. Now 5 months later he just keeps it on hand for stressful times, otherwise he has no coughing and no breathing trouble.
- Victoria Willoughby
54. Deep Relief Roll-On
This past weekend, I applied Deep Relief Roll-on to the neck of a
disabled wheelchair-bound woman. Due to complications from a mosquito bite that affected her nervous system 42 years ago, her neck had been tilted to the left side, very tight and painful. The response was
immediate and incredible. At first, she said she felt a burning
sensation, which she said was tolerable, and about a minute or two
later she was able to lift her head to a prone position which she had
not been able to do for 42 years! She then asked me to apply the roll-
on to the inside of her spastic, tight hands. Immediately, her hands
became more pliable, and she was able to flex her fingers. Her eyes
were filled with hope and she literally almost jumped out of her
wheelchair. I wish everyone in Young Living could have seen the look
of hope on her face and in her eyes. Even her aide, Patrick was
astonished and mentioned that he had never seen her lift her head or
be able to open her hands for the three years he's worked with her.

I thank God (and Gary Young) for providing us with such wonderful
products and for giving people hope, who had none apart from Young
Living essential oils!
- Lori

55. Raindrop Technique
I joined Young Living in March of this year. I was curious about the Raindrop Technique and attended one to see what it was all about. I was VERY skeptical, thinking there's no way a bunch of oils can straighten someones back. Turns out I was wrong.

We worked on a 17 year old girl that's a neighbor of my sponsor. We marked her spine with a pen at the beginning of each session so we
could see how curved her spine was. We also measured her height before we started.

By the end of the first session she grew 1/2 an inch and had NO pain!
Her spine straightened a little also. We did 5 more sessions on her
and her spine is completely straight!

Who wouldn't want to spend around $117 for the Raindrop Kit and try the therapy rather than spend thousands of dollars to have a doctor cut your back open.
- Kirsten in Utah

56. Thieves and Purification essential oils
I have a horse who had a very bad problem with it's leg having to do with the bone. The vet said that he would need to operate. It was a life or death situation for the horse. The operation would cost $15,000. I had just recently found out about essential oils and I told him I wanted to try them for a couple of weeks. I put Thieves and Purification on the horses leg twice a day every day. Within two weeks the leg was healed! The horse is still doing fine. The vet was amazed. Within a few months of this happening the vet said that four other horses had had this same problem and had had the surgery done. None of them had survived.
Our oils are simply amazing!
- Rebecca

57. Palo Santo essential oil
A fellow associate's mom had toenail fungus. Her doctor prescribed Lamasil. She started to use it but was having bad side effects. She then read the information about Lamasil and didn't feel it was worth it with all of the side effects that could happen. Then her daughter suggested she try Palo Santo. One drop was applied to her toe. Almost immediately the fungus turned black then it started to clear. Within a week the fungus was gone. On the Lamasil, with all the bad side effects, it said it would take 3 to 6 months. Also Lamasil costs $300! Just one drop of Palo Santo and it was gone in a week. Palo Santo does so many wonderful things. Everyone needs a bottle in their home. The daughter has noticed amazing results with using it on scars.

58. Peppermint and Valor essential oils
I have to share this amazing testimony with you because it blessed me so much. We had a gentleman (Arnold) and his daughter (Julee) at the Schaben's workshop last month. Arnold's wife had something very rare going on. She had symptoms "like Parkinson's" but it was not Parkinson's the neurologists said. She was having also a dizziness that just didn't allow her to ever feel well, she would sit at the table with head in her hands. He said she would just sit and cry and ask God for answers and for healing.

We did not know this at the time, but they took home the Peppermint sample that the Schaben's gave out at the workshop and began trying it on her feet. It seemed to help somewhat. Arnold and Julee came to our home the next week to get a Desk Reference and we gave them some Valor to try also. We got a call about two weeks later and Arnold told us that his wife was soooo much better. He said that we had given him his wife back. He said what two neurosurgeons could not do, the oils were able to do. I was just about in tears as he told us the whole story and I have to say again...his one testimony makes all the hard work over the last year to share these oils and do workshops... well, it makes it all worth it. :0)

We tell people all the time that we do not always know what these will do..but we know who created them and that God wants to bring health and healing into our lives. Sometimes it will be through the oils, sometimes through another method. We are just blessed to be a part of watching him bless and heal others.

We want to thank God for this dear lady, around 80 years old, her dear husband and daughter who all had the courage to continue to hope and trust God for answers. And we praise God for answering their prayers.
- Sonya Swan

59. Valor and Peace and Calming essential oil blends
When my son was 8 he had a bedwetting problem. I used valor and peace and calming on the bottom of his feet every night and within 2 months he no longer had a bedwetting problem. He was so excited!
- Lynn Bartczak

60. Peppermint essential oil
An associate had lost her sense of smell a number of years ago after having sinus surgery. She started to use Peppermint oil putting it under her nose, on her forehead and under her toes. She did this daily. Nine months later her sense of smell came back. She is so thankful that she can smell the roses in her rose garden again.
- Cheri Ross

61. Essential oils
When I was 28 years old I was working in construction. We had a competition between the workers to see who was the strongest. I was very well-built at the time so I took on a bricklayer who put 100 bricks in a wheelbarrow and lifted it. I decided to double the load and lift it. Immediately everyone heard 5 large cracks in my back.

Suddenly, I felt the most awful pain and fell to the ground in agony. The ambulance came to get me and I was left in the outpatient area for 5 hours without pain relief. At the time, I couldn't move without screaming in pain.

The verdict was that I had broken five discs, the doctors wanted to operate but I refused. The reason I refused was because I had a friend who had one deformed disc, had back surgery and six months later was in even worse pain!

I returned home where I laid for 2 weeks, on pain killers. Then against all odds, I went back to work! All of my friends advised me to take advantage of the insurance but I didn't want to do that. I was still in a lot of pain and couldn't even lift a tool box without screaming. My co-workers helped me where possible. For the next 28 years I just learned to live with the pain.

Then one day, when attending a lecture, the speaker looked at me and said, "What about you, you look like you have troubles". I said yes. The speaker said, "There are five things that cause us to be sick: meat, dairy, white sugar, refined salt and white flour'.

As I was leaving the lecture the speaker gave me an audio tape saying, "Will you listen to this in the car while you drive?" I agreed to. Once in the car, I and my wife started listening to the tape. Ten minutes later I announced to my wife that from now on I was going to be a vegetarian. We cut out all meat, even though we had purchased $89 worth of expensive meats and sausages the day before. That all got thrown out, even our dog didn't eat it. We still drank a little cows milk in our tea and a month later that was eliminated too.

Several years later after being fully vegan I was able to fully straighten up, something I had not been able to do. The pain was greatly diminished and in fact I only felt some pain in my back when outside gardening or doing construction, but nothing like what it used to be. The amazing thing about this story is that diet alone allowed my body to heal itself.

Fifteen years later, my daughter introduced me to Young Living Oils, through a friend, and myself and my wife started to anoint our bodies with oils every day. In only 6 months time all of my pain was gone, including the pain from my knees. I had been advised to have a knee replacement 15 years ago and refused.

The conclusion to my amazing story is that a vegan diet and therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living can give you the very best of health even into old age. I am now 72 years old and I look like I am in my late 50s. The same is true of my wife, whose hair is now going from grey to dark!
- Frank Kardos

62. Raindrop Technique
Several years ago, I had the privilege of training with a gentleman who was a former Mr. Universe and Mr. America in weightlifting. Over his career, he had "blown out" his back many times, and when I was training with him, he often squatted because his back hurt too much to stand up straight. He told me that he had herniated discs and ruptured discs.

Being a "chubby grandma," he hardly took me seriously when I told him that I could probably help him, especially since I was suggesting that he let me put oils on him that smelled like a "peppermint pizza"
(Raindrop Technique).

Finally one day he told me that he had scheduled back surgery to get his back fused. He couldn't live with level 10 pain everyday, anymore. I said, "Look, you're an expert in your field. I am an expert in mine. Before you get this back surgery, you owe it to yourself to try what I have to offer." He was so desperate that he agreed.

After the first Raindrop, his pain was down to a 2. He was astounded. It's been awhile, but I'm sure I used not only the regular Raindrop oils, but added in Trauma Life, PanAway, Frankincense, and Roman chamomile. I may have also rubbed down his entire back with Regenolone before I started, as I like to have the oils go through the cream. I think these oils and cream, in addition to the traditional Raindrop oils, are amazing in their ability to help the body heal. (I add in the extra oils after the oregano/thyme and before the peppermint, in the Raindrop sequence, and feather them up the spine just like the other oils.)

After the 4th Raindrop in 4 weeks, the pain seemed to be gone permanently. Now he needs a "refresher" Raindrop now and then, and
no, he never had the surgery. The molecules in the oils seemed to offer the cells on the spine whatever they needed to calm everything down and repair the situation.

This is not the only time I have seen this happen. I could tell you several similar stories - where people were in agony, and ready for surgery, and instead, a series of Raindrops seemed to stop the inflammation process.

See, inflammation is like an on/off switch. We have an injury, and the body responds by flooding the area with a water-like substance that heats up and cushions the area. Scar tissue is applied to the injury, like a web. The problem is that after the injury has healed, often the body will forget to turn off the inflammation switch and years later, we still suffer. Medical science has tried things like cortisone to stop this process, but the results are poor and sporadic.

The oils seem very adept at offering the body molecules which flip these switches back to "off" or "monitor" position.

The oils don't "rejuvenate" the discs - the discs rejuvenate themselves, given the proper molecules to work with.

It's not that I don't believe in surgery... If you need surgery, it can be life-saving. The problem is that the AMA published data years ago that said that the number of people dying in the U.S. as a result of "hospital caused mistakes" was equivalent to 3 jumbo jets crashing every two days. Since then, that number has gone up. So I think it's part of our responsibility to keep people off those jets, if we can.

I've also known many people who I've met AFTER they had the surgery.... They're often still quite miserable and in pain, only now they cannot bend down to tie their shoe or pick up a grandchild because their back is fused straight...

Oh, and by the way, some people ask me, "How often can I get a Raindrop?" I once had an old college friend from Venezuela, who was
in excruciating pain, spend a weekend with me (she was in the U.S. to get back surgery because she couldn't live with the pain any longer...) I gave her 4 Raindrops in 2 days (which is all the time we had to work with), and she left pain-free with a Raindrop Kit in her suitcase, cancelled her surgery, and returned to her home and family in Venezuela... Now, years later, she still uses the oils off and on, when she needs them, and she never had the surgery.

Whether you get Raindrops every day, once a week, or once a month, it seems to take about 4-6 to see the results that you're going to want, and I usually tell people to plan on a set of 10, or use up a Raindrop kit or two. Even if it takes 2 Raindrop Kits, Regenolone, PanAway, Trauma Life, Frankincense, and Roman chamomile, the overall cost will still be CHEAP compared to surgery, recovery, medications, medical deductibles, lost wages, lost productivity, side effects, possible death, etc.

ANYONE can do Raindrop! At the last Raindrop classes I was at, we had an 11 YEAR OLD GIRL in the class, learning how to apply the
oils to her mother! Even if you just get a friend to rub the oils on, without any technique - it still works.
- Vicki
63. Essential oils and Ningxia Red
Conor had ear problems right from the start. At age 2 the audiologist stated he had about a 40% loss of hearing in both ears. Dietary needs were looked into as soon as he was on foods. No dairy, no juices, rice milk instead.

Conor's problems persisted and ear shunts were inserted - again and again. By age 6 Conor seemed almost deaf in one ear and had serious speech problems resulting from his lack of hearing. The audiologist stated there was almost no hearing in the right ear.

Slightly before his 7th birthday in April he ran screaming to mom and they went swiftly to the doctor. Both ears were punctured and the audiologist told Erin, his mom, he was almost completely deaf in the right ear. The left ear still had a loss of 40% hearing. The shunts had fallen out. The physician mentioned surgery and Erin and Conor were despondent. The surgery wouldn't correct the problems, it would reinforce that permanent damage had occurred.

Conor's mom, Erin, called me (Erin was my secretary for 6 years) and she and Conor came to me that day. I decided to give Conor a 5/8 dram bottle of Peppermint Oil and told him, 'start smelling it and carry it around with you and smell it as often as you can.' I applied Helichrysum first to his mastoid bones (behind ears) and the entire back of neck from the base of the skull, then Oregano and Thyme mixed with V-6 Mixing Oil. Conor weighing in at 70 lbs we added ½ ounce a day of Ningxia Red.

Conor reluctantly smelled the peppermint oil. By the third day, he was carrying it around while being very physically active. His mom worried he would drop it, he just smiled and told her he was fine, the oil felt good.

Two weeks later the physician, baffled, stated, 'his eardrums are closed!' It takes 3 months for punctured eardrums to close, and for some, never. The audiologist claimed Connor now had an increase of 20% regained hearing in both ears. Cochlear implant surgery was suggested for 4 months later.

At the beginning of September Conor turned to his mom and said, 'I don't need it anymore, I can hear fine.' Mom thought he was just being difficult and tired of the once a day ritual that took 2 minutes.

September 21st Erin called late at night. The best late night call I've ever received.

'Conor was re-evaluated today. After the audiologist saw him, the physician said, 'He's normal.' I thought he meant normal for Conor.'

'No you don't understand, I mean 100% hearing in both ears.' That was 5 years ago and Conor has never had a hearing problem since.
- Nancy Weber, RN
64. Ningxia Red
I have a cousin who had retinal bleeding and started using Ningxia Red, one ounce per day and at her next visit to the doctor, he told her that he was very puzzled. He'd never seen nerve regeneration in the eye before and suggested that she discontinue her medication. Of course there was no bleeding. Zeaxanthin is in Ningxia Red and is extremely important to the health and healing of the eye.
- Stanlee

65. Frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir and RutaVaLa essential oils
I have had 9 strokes in the past 20 years. It goes along with Lupus apparently. So the first thing I do is take a tsp. of cayenne pepper in water to stop the bleeding. The second thing I do is start rubbing Idaho Balsam Fir and Frankincense in the roof of my mouth and on the parts of my head that hurt. I use RutaVaLa along with the Frankincense. The trick is to bring the inflammation down off the brain as soon as you can and bring in more oxygen. So it is important to put the oils in frequently like every minute or every 5 minutes. This last one in Colorado Springs was a little worse then the others because of the lack of oxygen in the air. So I had paralysis of the throat along with the loss of the arm, short term memory loss and severe stuttering. Usually I get my arm back within a few days and my speech completely back in a few weeks. This time it took a few months for the speech. This time it took out my ability to concentrate, think, etc. So I just kept up the oils in my mouth and on my head. I also forced myself to think. At first I could only read. Then I began to be able to do math. I did all kinds of math problems. Then I did logic problems. Then I took piano lessons to coordinate the left and right hemispheres of the brain again. I listened to lots of music to get the pitch back into my ears that I lost. It was probably 6 months before I felt like I had recovered about 95% of what I lost. So if anyone has heard me on my radio show, I am doing pretty good. I still have stuttering problems if I get too tired.

That's about it for what I do. I am consistent and keep those oils in my pocket and use them constantly throughout the day. Did they taste good? No, but I would rather have the function of my body back than worry about something nasty I am putting in my mouth.
- Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, D.C.

66. Tsuga, Helichrysum, PanAway and Copaiba essential oils
My daughter Sharon had to have her wisdom teeth removed last Thursday. One of the roots was growing too close to the bone. The extraction surgery went quicker than planned (30 minutes instead of 60) and we were sent home with her mouth full of gauze 15 minutes later. About one hour after we arrived home we applied tsuga essential oil and helichrysum essential oil to the outer jaw area of her face to stop the bleeding. Within 5 minutes she removed the gauze and there was no more bleeding.

Instead of prescription pain relievers, she used the new Copaiba oil with PanAway, for pain and inflammation, rubbed on over the jawline. This was remarkable at how well it worked. (Copaiba will be a fun oil to experiment with on all sorts of inflamed areas).

Melrose was applied topically to the outside of her face where it was still numb and the feeling returned within minutes.

She was eating soft foods that evening and returned to work four days later. Because she takes essential oils orally on a daily basis, no need for antibiotics either.

We are very thankful God has given us essential oils and glad we have the best in Young Living.
- Debra Raybern
67. Peppermint and Purification essential oils
My 14 year old son and I were in Africa last year, volunteering for four months in several areas where malaria is a problem. We used a spray (a small 4 ounce glass bottle I brought from home) I made up of water, 25 drops of Purification and 10 drops of Peppermint (strong, but I wanted to be sure the mosquitoes stayed away from us). We sprayed ourselves several times a day, head to toe, and always sprayed the mosquito netting on our beds. Of course, long pants, avoiding dusk, etc. are all important, too. We had no problem whatsoever! I really didn't want to take the anti-malaria medications available, as the side effects can be quite serious (I had a friend who's daughter developed psychotic symptoms on Larium) AND we were going to be in malaria areas for extended lengths of time (the other anti-malaria medicine has to be started two weeks before exposure and continued for a month afterwards - basically, we would have been on it for 5+ months - no way!). My friend who runs the children's home we worked at in Kenya has had cerebral malaria, and was very doubtful of my oils working...until she and I went to the island of Lamu (very malaria-prone) and she used my Young Living spray I'd made, and didn't receive one bug bite, let alone mosquitoes. The malaria mosquitoes actually look different in Lamu, my friend pointed one out, it was almost black and white striped, very strange. I am so happy I trusted my instincts and our fabulous, amazing oils and have shared this story with many people. My whole first-aide kit was Young Living oils, supplements and products and we both enjoyed good health our entire time.
- Rachel

68. Valor, Wintergreen and Melrose essential oils
Just had a friend, who unknown to me has suffered for the last 25 years with TMJ, use Valor along jaw, behind ear and down neck and instantly the pain stopped. She has added wintergreen when applying Valor to hopefully stabalize the structural alignment of bones and says the pain has been gone completely after just 3 days of applying these oils...she has gone 3 weeks with NO return of the pain.

Deep Relief helps with this pain instantly as well.

I read that TMJ could be the result of the spine being out of alignment... seems like raindrop technique would help the body to heal.

A nurse told me that she stopped TMJ with Melrose applied onto the jawline. Said it was the only oil she had and it worked!
- Melody

69. Valor and Panaway essential oils
I have worked with my husband in his construction business for 12 years. I do everything from overseeing the office to operating the machines. In 1998, I lifted a much too heavy piece of concrete while working on the job site. It resulted in very painful SCIATICA.

I went to the chiropractor (no luck), then to a neurologist (2 pain blocks). The pain continued and I took medication at least 3 times a day. When I started to learn about the oils I started using Valor and Panaway on the back of my legs and at the base of my spine. I used it every night for 2 months. The pain has gone away! Completely!

It is even hard for me to believe because I have lived with it for so many years! Praise God for these wonderful oils!
- Nancy Rattray

70. Essential oils
Recently I was listening to Dr. Leanne. She related hearing Teri Seacrest talk about her experience with her husband. Recently Teri's husband was in a bad accident and was in a coma in the hospital. His brain was swelling and had reached 35. The doctors have a way of measuring the swelling of the brain and this was at the top of their measurements. They felt he would soon die. Well Teri asked if she could use essential oils on him. The doctor said sure because they did not have anything that could help him. Teri started to apply Frankincense, Myrhh, Idaho Balsam Fir, Peppermint and Lavender to his feet. His swelling started to go down. She would stop and the swelling would increase a little and she would use the oils again. Eventually Teri was able to get the swelling down to a 6. The doctor was amazed. Teri asked if she needed to get it down to zero. He said that 6 was a normal brain. Another doctor who had been following this wanted Teri to order him 10 bottles of each of the oils. This was a doctor who had no belief in natural alternatives until seeing what happened with Teri's husband.

Dr. Leanne also related the experience with her son who had been born with Cerebral Palsy and could not walk. She believed however that he had the ability to walk. She went to a meeting where Gary Young was and explained the situation to him. Gary suggested using certain oils and doing a Raindrop three times a day as well as putting the oils in a capsule and inserting it rectally three times a day. Dr. Leanne was using a lot of oil. She was spending $1000 a month but she knew to get the results she was looking for she needed to use a lot. Well guess what? In just six weeks her son was walking! That is priceless!
- Barb Doyle, Sc.

71. Dentarome Plus and Thieves Mouthwash
Dentarome Plus and Thieves Mouthwash have saved my teeth. I was told a couple years ago that I should have most of my teeth removed. I was told this, not just by one dentist but by three. They were loose and my gums were extremely subject to infection. Since I've been using Dentarome Plus and Thieves Mouthwash, I haven't had one abscess in two years, and my teeth are tightening up. Thank you, Gary Young!
- Seane Malone
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